100 Ans

Jacques Prevert - 100 Ans

This 4-CD set pays tribute to the French poet Jacques Prevert. He is generally considered as the 20th century’s greatest writer. For his words are simple. They are intended for those they describe. The tragic aspect is never absolute for Prevert – the last word is always with humour. Prevert was an author for commoners, an aristocrat of the streets. Each of the CDs is dedicated to a particular topic (childhood, love, music, freedom) and features a selection of Prevert’s texts read by the author himself or by great actors, his friends (radio archives) – including interviews of his contemporaries. In French..

Artikelnr.: RF3001
Datum: 1 februari 2000
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Word
EAN-code: 3561302300122