A Georges Brassens Vol. 2

Rodolphe Raffalli - A Georges Brassens Vol. 2

“Between generosity and timidity, fidelity to the roots of the gypsy swing and need to conquer new territories, this Selmer style playing guitarist is distinguishable from any others by his unique sensitivity and audacity. Long-time well known from the gypsy style lovers in Paris, Rodolphe recorded his first CD in year 2001. His « Hommage to Georges Brassens », fruit of an eclectic and very personal swing, achieved an amazing success in France, while we were commemorating the 20 years anniversary of the great poet’s death. 15 000 sold CDs later, Rodolphe reunited his team to record another rare beauty. « Gypsy Swing Guitar », his second CD, recorded in 2003 (with already legendary jazzmen Christian EscoudE and Florin Nicolescu), is really impressive by its inspiration, its innovation and its repertoire. A musician that sounds like no-one else : this hard-to-achieve definition of a true jazz player ! In this new opus, Rodolphe Raffalli continues his tribute to Georges Brassens with new titles and new arrangements, like “La Mauvaise REputation” in the gypsy bossa style or a “Chanson pour l’Auvergnat” in the alsacian very swinging way of playing ! A new monument !” Patrick FrEmeaux & Benjamin Goldenstein

Artikelnr.: LLL320
Datum: 1 november 2006
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
EAN-code: 3561302632025