A Tone Parallel To Harlem

Claude Bolling - A Tone Parallel To Harlem

One becomes a fanatic Ellington collector because it is such a thrill to listen to alternate takes. The lesser-known alternates clips into the groove which the very familiar original has made in one’s soul, and the differences make it sound «fresh». Strongly recommended”. Sjef Hoefsmit, Duke Ellington Music Society “With this magnificent tribute to Duke Ellington, Claude Bolling has seemingly achieved the impossible ; a powerful, blow-by-blow commentary on the very substance of the Ducal achievements. The warmth is present, as is that relaxed, unmistakeable swing, and also the solo contributions from the Bolling entourage come so close to the classic creations of the original men (…). Yes, this is surely a memorable issue, never lets up for one instant on the responsibility for recreating, with such exactness, the sounds of the incomparable Duke and his unique company of performers. A distinctly superior act of homage all round…” Ken Rattenbuty, Crescendo & Jazz Music

Artikelnr.: FA499
Datum: 1 april 2008
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
EAN-code: 3448960249928