Do Montebello - Adamah

This is the first album from Do Montebello, an artist with a nomad soul whose sensitive, dreamily poetic songs raise deep questions for humanity about our relationships with the world and life. The production owes much to the talent and rigour of Jean Louis Wiart (AxolOtl Jazz), and Do Montebello is accompanied here by guitarist and arranger Sergio Farias (Edu Lobo, MArcio Faraco, Dominique Fillon, Sanseverino), and pianist Patrick Favre (cf. “Valse nomade”, “Humanidade” and “Origines”, on the La LichEre label). A rare record, precise, voluptuous, organic and ethereal, which cradles the listener in songs whose savours lie at the confines of jazz and Brazilian music. Augustin BONDOUX

Artikelnr.: LLL337
Datum: 1 mei 2014
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: World
EAN-code: 3448960633727