Africa In America. Rock, Jazz & Calypso 1920-1962

Various - Africa In America. Rock, Jazz & Calypso 1920-1962

The lushness of the Tropics, scantily-clad bodies, tribal aesthetics and syncopated rhythms_ from the famous loincloth worn by Josephine Baker to Elizabeth Taylor’s performance as Cleopatra, Africa has always had a place of choice in the popular imagery of the 20th century. Whether as roots giving unity to separate black identities, the cradle of humanity, or the reflection of original purity, Africa – real, supposed or imaginary – has influenced most of the music, dance-forms and graphic arts of the last hundred years. With detailed comments from Bruno Blum, these splendid titles have been placed in the historic context of the Civil Rights struggle and the independence of the West Indies and the dark continent. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 januari 2013
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