Alphonse Daudet: Tartarin De Tarascon

Henri Vibert (lecteur) - Alphonse Daudet: Tartarin De Tarascon

“The character of Tartarin de Tarascon became a legend of our literature and of mid 19th century’s Provence. Major book by Alphonse Daudet (author of “Les Lettres de mon moulin”) Tartarin de Tarascon describes the adventures of this citizen of Tarascon, little city of the French “Midi” (south of the France), his ability to speak loud and to boast his imaginaries adventures… Sort of a loud-speaking Don Quichotte, Tartarin de Tarascon represents the archetype of the Meridional in our literature : exuberant, odd, and irresistebly engaging. This 3 CD box set features an historic reading for the French National Broadcasting by Henri Vibert in 1956.” A. Wong & Claude Colombini

Artikelnr.: FA8091
Datum: 1 juli 2007
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: WORD
EAN-code: 9782844680914