Anthologie Du Patrimoine Phonographique Breton

La Musique Bretonne A Travers Le Regard D'hermann Wolf 1925-1960 - Anthologie Du Patrimoine Phonographique Breton

This 3CD set introduces the cultural heritage of Brittany on records, and highlights the amazing work of the late Hermann Wolf (d. 1976), a producer from Quimper who founded the Breton label Mouez Breiz. This anthology is a panorama of rare and forgotten works that were unearthed by musicologist Jean-Baptiste Mersiol and represent authentic sound-evidence of the soul of Brittany: early recordings with bombards and `biniou’ bagpipes (dating from the days of oral traditions in instrumental practise), songs by ThEodore Botrel, religious works, poems, organist GErard Pondaven, and also the first recordings by Alan Stivell when he was a young harpist who accompanied the marvellous folk singer AndrEe le Gouil. CD3 is devoted to the wonderful `forgotten’ folk artist Eliane Pronost, completing a range of musical colours that testify to the richness of this almost insular culture. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 september 2017
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