Anthologie Du Rock Francais 1960-1962

Eddy Mitchell & Johnny Hallyday - Anthologie Du Rock Francais 1960-1962

After the Liberation of Paris, the eyes of some French youngsters were riveted on American records and by the turn of the Sixties, rock & roll’s energy had supplanted jazz in the cellar-clubs of Saint-Germain-des-PrEs. Teppaz turntables made the 45rpm disc a democratic object, a household consumer-product which was a symbol of youth. And youths everywhere found a way to let off steam in the heated energy of U.S. rock. This selection by FranCois Jouffa and Pierre Layani contains the best of 1960-1962, the period when the first records from Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell were bursting onto the scene, before they became monuments of French popular music. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 september 2013
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