Anthologie Du Twist Francais 1961-1962 (+ Quebec Twist

Johnny Hallyday / Les Chaussettes Noires / Les Chats Sauvages - Anthologie Du Twist Francais 1961-1962 (+ Quebec Twist

In autumn 1961, just when American rock `n’ roll was taking root in France, “(More) fresh air from over there did us some damage.” It was the twist. It was music (derived from rock); mostly, it was a dance and a society-phenomenon. French rockers launched it (Johnny Hallyday, the “Chaussettes Noires”, the “Chats Sauvages” and the Pirates_) and, against all expectations, stars in a more traditional form of entertainment followed them: Maurice Chevalier, Dalida, Henri Salvador et al. This set is the fi rst advanced study of the genre, with FranCois Jouffa and Pierre Layani examining a year and a half of contortions complete with a tasty selection from Quebec_ Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 februari 2017
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