Anthologie Radiophonique 1976-1977

Francoise Dolto - Lorsque L'enfant Parait Vol 2 - Anthologie Radiophonique 1976-1977

Francoise DOLTO is worldwide known as the founder of a new consideration of the child. She will remain a undeniable founder of the modern approach of the children’s psychism. Her talent remains also in the proximity she was able to create with the audience. Her radio shows are remarquable for this and are also historicaly extraordinary : indeed it was the first time ever that an expert in the psychoanalysis was presented to the public in a national station. This 3CD set features a thematic selection of these shows during their first year (1976-1977). In french.The subjects considered by these CDs are : Sexuality Eating Sleeping Talking Separation

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Datum: 1 september 2005
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