Benoit Blue Boy En Amerique

Benoit Blue Boy - Benoit Blue Boy En Amerique

BenoIt Blue Boy, is our national bluesman, he is covered with medals, and already has an impressing discography. During the summer of 2002, BenoIt Blue Boy left for the United States in Austin, Texas, digging for american music, blues, rythm’n blues, mexican music, cajuns, country, western swing, soul… Deep american music, popular and mixed, from Latin America. He then went to the Gulf of Mexico to unite with musicans at Port Arthur where cajuns, mexicans and americans meet every night to danse and listen to their favorite orchestras coming staight from New-Orleans, Houston, San Antonio… This is the exciting story of BenoIt Blue Boy in America.

Artikelnr.: LLL298
Datum: 1 februari 2001
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Blues
EAN-code: 3448960629829