Canada Folksongs 1951-1957. French & English Songs, Cou

Various - Canada Folksongs 1951-1957. French & English Songs, Cou

Canada is a political entity which is not represented by one individual culture, but by various traditions transmitted through immigration during the history of the country. This double boxed set, directed by Martin Duchesne, portrays the multiple aspects. It features Quebec versions of old songs from France, English versions from the United Kingdom and the US as well as bona fide Canadian songs. This perspective of Canadian folklore equally covers the culture of the First Nations, the first Indian nations with a linguistic culture which marked the land as much as French or English-speaking culture (Ottawa, Toronto, etc.). With this set of 57 songs, FrEmeaux & AssociEs presents a historiographical panorama of cultural diversity, a cross-sectional view of all forms and every level of expression, and affirms the country’s extraordinary richness.” Patrick FrEmeaux”Contrary to the French anthropological vision which generally consists of studying external cultures often corresponding to the colonized countries, the Canadian anthropology must face the multiplicity of its own culture, shared between the Western heritage and the Indian usual art of “First Nations”. This 2CD set evidently represents the individuality of Canadian’s spirit, based on the diversity of its origins.” Lola Caul-Futy FrEmeaux (Anthropology student at Simon Frazer University of Vancouver)

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