Cervantes: Don Quichotte

Jean-Pierre Cassel (lecteur) - Cervantes: Don Quichotte

A 4_CD set for Jean-Pierre Cassel’s reading of Don Quichotte (in French) ! If the masterpiece of CERVANTES was only the story of a knight, Don Quichotte wouldn’t be occidental literature’s most popular character, and the book itself wouldn’t have retained such importance. Don Quichotte has turned into a veritable myth. One laughs at Don Quichotte, or one is amazed by his wisdom, for Cervantes found an easy and biting style to present his characters and give them voices in an almost oral form of literature. This might be the reason why Don Quichotte can be read aloud quite naturally. FrEmeaux & AssociEs also presents a shorter version, for children, of Don Quichotte’s story (FMX # 839)

Artikelnr.: FA8026
Datum: 1 oktober 2001
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: WORD
EAN-code: 9782844680266