C’etait L’afghanistan Avant 1978 (ina)

Andre Velter - C’etait L’afghanistan Avant 1978 (ina)

Afghanistan : Portrait of a lost world – testimonies. “Even though there seems to be only room for the noise of weapons, the darkest silence or an uncertain chaos, we give some life to the voices of those who lived and passed in these places and never completely turned back : the erudite, photographers, film makers, diplomats, poets, mystics, vagabonds_ all with the same crazy purpose : presence, surveillance, reconquest of a lost country.” AndrE VELTER. With : Michaël Barry, Serge de Beaurecueil, Peter Brook, Jacques Dars, Emmanuel Delloye, Charles de Gaulle, Joseph Kessel, Malak Djahan Khazaï, Marie-JosE Lamothe, Homayoun Majrouh, AndrE de Margerie, Roland et Sabrina Michaud, Sabrina Nouri, Serge Sautreau, Pierre Schoendoerffer, le Roi ZAher ShAh.

Artikelnr.: FA5040
Datum: 1 februari 2002
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: WORD
EAN-code: 3561302504025