Chants Gregoriens (enregistrements Historiques 1930 -19

Abbaye De Solesmes - Chants Gregoriens (enregistrements Historiques 1930 -19

Produced by Jean-Baptiste Mersiol and Jacques Viret, Emeritus Professor of Musicology at the University of Strasbourg and a Gregorian chant specialist, this 3CD set highlights historic recordings dating from 1930, restored to a sound quality that is almost contemporary and gathered together for the first time in their entirety, and with their original running order. Solesmes Abbey was then the world’s great specialist in Gregorian palaeography, and its chants aroused an admiration that was unanimous and went beyond musicological considerations. A genuine cornerstone of Western music, the universal splendour of this monodic singing with a thousand-year history is invaluable evidence that grace is obtained through beauty. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 februari 2021
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: World
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