Complicidad. Jouent Raynald Buraglio

Juanjo Mosalini & Raphael Sanchez - Complicidad. Jouent Raynald Buraglio

Like the country where it was born, the incarnation of its essence, the Tango is the fruit of exchanges, cross-breeding, travel, and windows opening onto the completeness of the world. Its characteristic instrument, the bandoneon, was created in Germany, and its music fashioned at popular dances welcoming sailors of all horizons. It can now be heard in the world’s greatest venues, and this recording was made in Noumea, by cosmopolitan instrumentalists playing works by a French composer… Raynald Buraglio’s compositions are as many hymns to the tango, the bandoneon and the whole of South America: bossas and sambas mingled with European waltzes and ballads are made sublime here by the “fueye” of Juanjo Mosalini.”DespuEs del notable “L’Ami Tango” en 2003, Raynald Buraglio perpetUa su oda a las mUsicas sud americanas y al bandoneOn: tal es el caso de Complicidad, grabado en Numea con un gran heredero de la tradiciOn del bandoneOn, Juanjo Mosalini.

Artikelnr.: FA535
Datum: 1 september 2010
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Wtango
EAN-code: 3448960253529