Contre-Histoire De La Philosophie Vol. 10 (l’eudemonism

Michel Onfray - Contre-Histoire De La Philosophie Vol. 10 (l’eudemonism

With this volume # 10, Michel Onfray reaches the history of 19th century and the invention of Socialism – with John Stuart Mill, Robert Owen, Charles Fourier, Michel Bakounine_ A 13 CDs box set by Michel Onfray. In French. A Counter History of Philosophy by famous French philosopher Michel Onfray – with 500 000 records sold until today !”A parallel history of thinking, that rehabilitates the hedonist and materialist tradition, that resuscitates the gnostics, libertines, baroques, dyonisiac socialists, free spirits and other visionaries…” Robert Maggiori, LibEration

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Datum: 1 oktober 2008
Formaat: Compact Disc
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