Cuba Jazz, Jam Sessions – Descargas 1956-1961

Cachao Walfredo De Los Reyes Julio Gutierrez Jose Fajardo Chic - Cuba Jazz, Jam Sessions – Descargas 1956-1961

Recorded right before the revolution, at the heart of the golden age of Cuban Music, the original «descargas» unleash the spiritual power of repetitive trance. They blend inspired improvisations, the inner ¬ re of hypnotising choruses propelled by local rhythms and demented percussions. Cachao and his friends brought the cream of the island’s musicians together to cut some of Cuban music’s ¬ nest moments: the steadfast, founding “Cuban Jam Sessions” classics. Bruno Blum tells their legend in a 28-page booklet. Indispensable to any enlightened jazz enthusiast. Featuring Oreste LOpez, PeruchIn, Emilio Peñalver, Tata GUines, Chuchu, Tojo, Guillermo Barreto, Chombo Silva, Oscar ValdEs, Mosquifin, El Negro Vivar_ Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 april 2018
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Genre: Jazz
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