Cuba Son – Les Enregistrements Fondateurs Du Son Afro-C

The Afro-Cuban Founding Recordings Before And After The Revolution - Cuba Son – Les Enregistrements Fondateurs Du Son Afro-C

A mix of West African and Spanish influences, Cuban son was brought back to light by the Buenavista Social Club. However, it had gone through its original magic phase before the 1959 revolution when, like rumba, it was long repressed because it embodied Afro Cuban expression. Bruno Blum tells its story, resilience and evolution towards salsa. It was remarkably well recorded and outstanding groups such as La Sonora Matancera fusioned the fabulous son with various essential styles. A Spanish-speaking equivalent to soul music with a trance twist, it was the most popular genre on the island. Discover here some of the founding, often hard to find recordings of genuine son _ Cuba’s very best. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 november 2019
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