Dedans Le Sud De La Louisiane

Les Freres Michot - Dedans Le Sud De La Louisiane

The Cajun legacy has a strong cultural identity – cuisine, hospitality, a life of contemplation, fishing, festivals, dancing and music – with ties to the history of both France and the New World. Its great popular-music tradition makes no distinction between professionals and amateurs, giving legitimacy to those who serve music in defending the Cajun philosophy of life (Let the Good Times Roll). Tommy Michot (accordion, harmonica, vocals) is a marine biologist, and Rick Michot (violin, the father of guitarist Patrick Michot) is a District Court judge in Lafayette! The result is an excellent record, filled with rich musicological contributionsto the Cajun legacy, and this album reveals the timeless nature of a collective memory spanning two and a half centuries. Patrick et Claude FREMEAUX

Artikelnr.: FA579
Datum: 1 februari 2013
Formaat: Compact Disc
EAN-code: 3448960257923