Devils And Wonders In Bali

Music is in Bali what meditation is to religion. It is part of all social events as well as of religious and theatrical ones, the whole participating to the same everyday magic. To discover the heart of Bali, and understand the soul of its inhabitants, just follow the musical journey that leads to a set of gamelans to another and keep your ears wide opened to its charm if not its enchantment”, explains FranCois Jouffa. In 1974, the ethnomusicologist recorded a sound culture that is now about to disappear: the gamelans (Balinese orchestras). His recordings allow the listener a priviledged access to the greatest treasures of the island’s traditions: the Ramayana, as well as the Legong and Joged dances. A legacy kept in memory by all of the visitors of the famous Hindu island of Indonesia.” P. FrEmeaux & C. Colombini

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