Document Sonore 1985

Martin Gray survived the Holocaust ; at the age of 14 he was shut away in the Warsaw ghetto and was then deported to Treblinka, from where he would escape. He then enlisted in the Red Army and arrived in Berlin in 1945 for those he saw dying in the concentration camp _ 15 years later, he was successful in business and built a family, based on hope, reconstruction and love. On October 3, 1970 his wife Dina and their four children all died in a forest fire. A 20th century apostle, Martin Gray defended a spirituality of love without dogma, where the realisation of the person grows from the consciousness of being part of an ensemble : humanity. In 1985, Marguerite Marniquet (DidakhE editions) felt that despite Martin Gray’s testimonies through his works and the cinema adaptation of his life with “For those I loved”, it was necessary to record his warm, reassuring and calm voice that defends human identity, education and an ideal of humanity. The Didakhe publishers then asked us to extend the public communication of the record, timeless through the values it defends : those of life.” Patrick FREMEAUX, the editor.

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Datum: 1 juni 2002
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