Electric Guitar Story. Country-Jazz-Blues-R&b-Rock 1935

Various - Electric Guitar Story. Country-Jazz-Blues-R&b-Rock 1935

The indispensable collection for all guitar players and anyone interested in the instrument. In chronological order, starting with the first historic recordings of an amplified lap steel guitar in 1935 up to the triumph of rock guitar, most of the best and most influential guitarists can be found here. They are heard showing astonishing musical diversity in this anthology recounting the evolution of the electric guitar. This highly-documented triple album is an essential work and features not only the pioneers and innovators but also the stylists who contributed to make the guitar the dominant instrument in western popular music for over five decades. Told by Bruno Blum, himself a guitarist, this epic includes truly dazzling recordings. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 januari 2014
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