Elegance. Integrale Romane Vol.6

Romane & Stochelo Rosenberg - Elegance. Integrale Romane Vol.6

Romane’s ElEgance, first released in year 2000, extends an invitation to Stochelo Rosenberg, the virtuoso self-taught guitarist and indefatigable technician who is now an international icon in gypsy jazz. Two playing styles and two temperaments united by their innate sense of swing and their mutual feeling for listening and sharing. This album, their first collaboration on record, became one of the greatest in the genre, and FrEmeaux & AssociEs are proud to make it available again. Augustin BONDOUX “The two men have found each other again: Stochelo Rosenberg, with his notes at the gallop like the light cavalry, and the discerning Romane, a quality-listener: an album magnificently put together which fully justifies its title.” JAZZ NEWS As the publisher of the complete recordings of Django Reinhardt _ the set is a work of reference with 40CDs and booklets totalling 760 pages _ FrEmeaux & AssociEs today counts as one of the premier independent producers of gypsy jazz. This genre, as erudite and technical as it is generous and approachable, demonstrates the cultural and musicological richness of the gypsy contribution to western culture. Romane is one of their most eminent representatives and his compositions have become genuine standards. FrEmeaux & AssociEs celebrates the work of this guitarist in a collection covering his entire career as a recording-artist, available to the public as a “Complete Works” set with ElEgance as its sixth volume. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 januari 2014
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
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