Emile Zola: Therese Raquin

Myriam Boyer (lecteur) - Emile Zola: Therese Raquin

This 2-CD set features actor Myriam Boyer reading Emile ZOLA’s great work : “ThErEse Raquin”. Written in 1866, the book is still popular to this day – in spite of the middle-class attacks against this so-called “putrid literature”. It is one of the founding books of naturalism. ThErEse Raquin is the daughter of a French captain and an African mother. Sent in France to be educated by her aunt, she lives with her sick cousin. At the age of 21, she marries her cousin and the family moves to Paris. Their lives are dominated by monotony, until the day ThErEse meets one of her husband’s colleagues who will become her lover_

Artikelnr.: FA8017
Datum: 1 februari 2000
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: WORD
EAN-code: 9782844680174