Entretiens Inedits

“This 3 CD boxset presents a totally previously unreleased conversation between two major characters of France’s recent history: FranCois Mitterrand (President of French Republic in 1981 and 1988) and Marguerite Duras (Prix Goncourt 1984 for her famous book: L’Amant). Since they met during World War II, for being in the same Resistance movement, Marguerite Duras and FranCois Mitterrand shared a sincere friendship. Forty years later, when they meet again and record their conversation, she became one of the greatest French writer of her time, and FranCois Mitterrand the President of the Republic. During 3 hours, they talk with the liberty and intimacy conferred by a friendly relation about politic, history, the news, ideology, literature_ Since the recording was not supposed to be published, the quality of the sound is poor compared to a studio recording (although it was restored), but it remains a unique archive of the late XXth century. In French” Lola Caul-Futy FrEmeaux

Artikelnr.: FA5170
Datum: 1 maart 2007
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: WORD
EAN-code: 3561302517025