Flamenco Et Sons Naturels Dans Les Marismas

Pelerinage Andalou : Rocio Grande - Flamenco Et Sons Naturels Dans Les Marismas

“One of the wildest nationals parks in Europe is visited each year by strange convoys of ox-waggons accompanied by thousands of men and women on foot or horseback. To the sound of a concert of birds, drums, horses and fifes they are going to the Feast of the Virgin of El Rocio for Whitsun. That concert, both grandiose and secret, is the subject of his album : the alliance of centuries-old tradition and age-old nature. Sections are numbered to help you use the booblet to understand this timeless trip approach the atmosphere of a much threatened great wildlife area.” Patrick FrEmeaux

Artikelnr.: 10012
Datum: 1 januari 1995
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: World
EAN-code: 0747673100124