Forets De Pologne: Bialoweija – Forests Of Poland – Bia

Sons De La Nature - Forets De Pologne: Bialoweija – Forests Of Poland – Bia

“This Compact Disc provides the listener with 13 concerts, in true live stereo, recorded during May in the famous Bialowieja National Park, in the far east of Poland. The absence of the normal noise associated with our mechanical world, and the cathedral effect on the bird songs, unknown in western Europe, such as of the Thrush Nightingales, the Barred Warbler and Collared and Red-breasted Flycatcher, all kept in rhythm by the drumming of woodpeckers, of witch there are no less than eight species in this forest. Recording made by Thierry Gaultier and Jean-Claude RochE and described in a 8 pages French and English booklet.” Patrick FREMEAUX13 Natural Soundscapes recorded in a mixed mature forest with undergrowth, grounds around the village, and in the protected primeval forest.

Artikelnr.: FA684
Datum: 1 januari 2010
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Sounds
EAN-code: 3448960268424