Au Pays Des Grenouilles – Frog Talk

Sons De La Nature - Au Pays Des Grenouilles – Frog Talk

“A sound guide to the Frogs and Toads of Western Europe, by Jean C. RochE. The first part of this CD contains recordings of the voices of 35 species of European Frogs and Toads : painted frogs, coloured-bellied toads, midwife toads, spadefeet, parsely frog, toads, “brown” and “green” frogs, bullfrog, tree frogs. The second part contains amphibian concerts recorded in different parts of France and Europe. The listener will discoverstrange sounds as well as some very musical sound atmospheres.” Patrick FrEmeaux

Artikelnr.: FA655
Datum: 1 november 2007
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Sounds
EAN-code: 3448960265522