Honore De Balzac: La Femme De Trente Ans

Pascal Monge (lecteur) - Honore De Balzac: La Femme De Trente Ans

A 2-CD set French audiobook. Pascal Monge reads BALZAC’s work “La Femme de trente ans” – in French. Balzac had first chosen the title “MEme histoire” (Same story), which described his purpose perfectly : to depict, with different scenarii, an identical drama, which is forever repeated : that of married women in the early 19th century. This book is built like a mosaic with six different novels which gradually reunite. Julie, the heroine, discovers that a 30 year old lady can still be “irresistibly attracted to a young man”. Yet, once married, “she loses her identity and becomes the queen and slave of her home”. Julie does however discover the love she dreamt of, but she also learns that one has to suffer terribly for forbidden passion

Artikelnr.: FA8023
Datum: 1 mei 2001
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: WORD
EAN-code: 9782844680235