Integrale 1931-1951 (direction Daniel Nevers)

Danielle Darrieux - Integrale 1931-1951 (direction Daniel Nevers)

“What a sublime actress. Look at that dainty shoulder movement… and that smile which doesn’t smile but which cries. Or which makes others cry. I adore her”. Max OPHULS. Not only was Danielle Darrieux a splendid actress, she also sung beautiful songs. This 2-CD set pays tribute to her singing talents, featuring the complete edition of her recordings plus a selection of soundtracks of the movies in which she appeared. Includes a 48 page booklet with both French and English notes.

Artikelnr.: FA5041
Datum: 1 juli 2002
Formaat: Compact Disc
EAN-code: 3561302504124