Integrale A Georges Brassens

Rodolphe Raffalli - Integrale A Georges Brassens

“This 2CD box-set contains both of the Georges Brassens tributes by Rodolphe Raffalli, which earned the guitarist international recognition. The first opus, released in 2001, came as a revelation to the public – sales of almost 20.000 albums – although the guitarist was already known to Django Reinhardt-fans. As for the second CD, it consecrated Rodolphe Raffalli and his quartet as some of the best improvisers and melodists around not only in Django’s tradition but also that of fellow-guitarists Henri Crolla or Baro & Matelo Ferret. The music here is a sensitive, brilliant fusion between one of the most potent melodic universes in French Chanson, and the fiery lyricism of Gypsy Swing.” Patrick FREMEAUX & Jean-Pierre TANDIN”Personne avant lui n’avait si finement dEgagE le lyrisme du chanteur-poEte ni montrE ce qui le rattache à la tradition du swing. Son disque est exquis.”Alain GERBER, DIAPASON

Artikelnr.: LLL331
Datum: 1 maart 2011
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
EAN-code: 3561302633121