Integrale Leo Ferre Et Ses Interpretes Vol 2 (1957-1962

Leo Ferre / Juliette Greco / Marc Ogeret / Catherine Sauvage / Philip - Integrale Leo Ferre Et Ses Interpretes Vol 2 (1957-1962

LEo FerrE was a timeless libertarian, and an artist who wrote major songs in France’s repertoire. After exploring the immense first decade of this poet’s career (1947-1956), Olivier Julien looks at the end of the Fifties in this second volume, plus songs written in the early Sixties. With FerrE’s own performances of some of his great standards _ “Jolie MOme”, “La Zizique”, “L’Affiche Rouge” _ plus versions by stars of the period _ Juliette GrEco, Philippe Clay and Catherine Sauvage _, this 3CD set represents some of the greatest treasures in the Chanson genre. Patrick FREMEAUX

Artikelnr.: FA5681
Datum: 1 juni 2017
Formaat: Compact Disc
EAN-code: 3561302568126