Integrale Louis Armstrong Vol. 10 “radio Days” 1941-194

Louis Armstrong - Integrale Louis Armstrong Vol. 10 “radio Days” 1941-194

“Radio? Of course he’d heard of it; Armstrong had been playing with Fletcher Henderson in 1924-1925, hadn’t he? It was even how the young Cootie Williams discovered him, sneaking a listen to him on short-wave radio in the evenings… In 1926, in Chicago, the Hot Five had done broadcasts even though the group only existed on records. And then there were programmes in Europe. In 1937 Louis even became a genuine radio-star on a national network. But when the war came, patriotism was the word, thanks to the AFN and the AFRS transcriptions…” Daniel Nevers”The FrEmeaux & AssociEs Complete Series usually feature all the original and available phonographic recordings and the majority of existing radio documents for a comprehensive portrayal of the artist. The Louis Armstrong series is an exception to the rule in that the selection of titles by this American wizard is certainly the most complete as published to this day but does not comprise all his recorded works.” Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 november 2011
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Genre: Jazz
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