Integrale Vol. 16 – 1961 – Mahalia Sings Part 3

Mahalia Jackson - Integrale Vol. 16 – 1961 – Mahalia Sings Part 3

The four volumes of “Mahalia Jackson Sings” that form part of our Complete Mahalia Jackson comprise an exceptional recording and historical event. They contain the sound track of all the songs fi lmed by the TEC television channel in June and July 1961. Jean BUZELIN The four CDs which we have produced and which are intended to be listened to as a whole, represent the result of long research and, in addition to being a world fi rst, are an outstanding addition to the rich heritage left by the greatest Gospel singer of the 20th Century. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 juli 2017
Formaat: Compact Disc
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