Antholoogue 51-59. Interprete Ferre, Lemarque, Aragon,

Catherine Sauvage - Antholoogue 51-59. Interprete Ferre, Lemarque, Aragon,

In a career lasting forty years, the performances of Catherine Sauvage, a major figure in French song, showed unrivalled authenticity in her readings of texts by the greatest French poets. Dany Lallemand has here chosen songs from the early career of the singer they called “La Voix FerrE”, and all of these were unavoidable hits. According tothe great poet and essayist Louis Aragon, Catherine Sauvage was: “Suddenly, a voice, like a gift, with each word taking on full meaning_ With these phrases which bring you to a strange country, you’re no longer alone, no longer an intruder [_] here we’re really called into a different universe, where everything speaks to the soul itself.

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Datum: 1 januari 2012
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