Jamaica Folk Trance Possession 1939-1961

Various - Jamaica Folk Trance Possession 1939-1961

Fascinating evidence of mystic Afro-Jamaican religious practices inherited from the days of slavery. Accompanied by these songs, drums and trances, ancestral spirits took possession of initiates in authentic ceremonies which inspired fiction’s zombies and voodoo_ These rare sounds probably come closest to the legendary bamboulas held in New Orleans’ Congo Square in the 19th century: the true origins of Negro spirituals, jazz and gospel. The deep African roots of reggae and Rastafarianism are revealed here and include the earliest Rasta ritual recordings ever made. Deciphered and clarified by Bruno Blum, this Revivalist spiritual music is supplemented by Mento pieces and some savoury traditional songs. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 maart 2013
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