Katmandou 1969 – La Fete De La Petite Deesse Vivante. M

Various - Katmandou 1969 – La Fete De La Petite Deesse Vivante. M

Music and spoken archives”I was in Kathmandu in 1969 and I think I haven’t pulled myself together yet; I still didn’t get over it’ wrote FranCois Jouffa. While he was a young reporter for the French radio station Europe n°1, he recorded every sounds during his trip with a minicassette (a new technology at that time) hidden in a small Indian shoulder bag. A record company got interested and issued a LP from this musical journey. Many years later Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin’s `guitar hero’, confirmed to FranCois Jouffa, for whom it was beyond belief, that his vinyl of about forty minutes had been both for him and the singer Robert Plant a bedside disc when they were composing Kashmir, great inter national success and starting point of the world pop music fashion. This 2 CD boxset (with a 44 pages booklet in both French and English) delivers a musical trip into the Celebration of the little Living Goddess, during the Festivities of Indra (CD1) and two long interviews by FranCois Jouffa (CD2, in French). Exactly forty years after these recordings were made, FrEmeaux & AssociEs are proud to present, for the first time, the complete set of captured sounds that had been preserved all along this initiatory trip out of time and out of space.” Claude Colombini & Patrick FrEmeaux

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Datum: 1 maart 2009
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