La Memoire, L’oubli, Solitude D’israel – L’enregistreme

Alain Bernard-Henri Levy Finkielkraut - La Memoire, L’oubli, Solitude D’israel – L’enregistreme

“Israel being issued from a Martyr (the “Shoah”), any political, historical of sociologic conversation could risk to remember the original suffering. But it is also part of the Jewish culture and tradition to cultivate introspection and philosophical studies. The “Institut d’Etudes lEvinassiennes” who maintains the intellectual exigency from the great philosopher Emmanuel LEvinas, asked to three philosopher a proper challenge : think about Israel on a philosophical point of view. Benny Levy, Bernard-Henri LEvy and Alain Finkielkraut met in Jerusalem in year 2001 in the public conference featured by this 3 CD box set featuring their reflections and the questions of the audience. Audiobook in French.” Patrick FrEmeaux

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Datum: 1 oktober 2007
Formaat: Compact Disc
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