La Pensee Ecologique – Histoire Philosophique Du Rappor

Un Cours Particulier De Gregory Quenet (puf/fremeaux) - La Pensee Ecologique – Histoire Philosophique Du Rappor

Les Presses Universitaires de France and FrEmeaux & AssociEs offer this philosophical history of ecological thought, analyzed and explained by GrEgory Quenet, professor of environmental history at the UniversitE Paris Saclay UVSQ, honorary member of the Institut Universitaire de France and holder of the Laudato Si’ Chair at the CollEge des Bernardins. Humanity’s relationship with nature is the object of immemorial dynamics of conquest and frugality, but the awareness of the fragility of the living world to which humanity belongs, and which accompanies the appearance of ecology as an object of reflection and study, is very recent. Understanding the stakes underlying the approaches to ecology and environmentalism in different cultures and eras allows us to respond to the new paradigms and challenges that the world must now face. Claude COLOMBINI FREMEAUX & Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 maart 2021
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