La Tierra Sin Mal

Raul Barboza - La Tierra Sin Mal

The old guaranis remember. They remember the beginnig of time and Nanderuvusu, creator of Earth and of everything that leaves on it. Men where happy back then. The shared the privileges of Gods. They didn’t know death, hunger, or pain. One day the the laws weren’t respected and Nanderuvusu went mad and Earth became a disaster. Everything disappeared and Nanderuvusu created a second Earth, unperfect, filled with death, illness, war… We are the inhabitants of this second Earth. However the Guaranis still believe that the first Earth still exist somewhere and they are looking for it. Their path is a spiritual quest, that passes by a life of sacrifices and virtue. They also have to sing, and dance to ask to Nanderuvusu in wich direction they to go to find the first peaceful earth.

Artikelnr.: LLL257
Datum: 1 juli 1995
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: World
EAN-code: 3448960625722