Le Violon En Italie 1600-1700

Un Cours Video De Constance Frei - Le Violon En Italie 1600-1700

Constance Frei, a musicologist at the University of Geneva and herself a violinist and documentary-maker, has provided us with a three-hour video-class on the violin in 17th century Italy. Her programme takes the form of an interactive chart allowing us to navigate through an absorbing didactic work divided into six parts, each subdivided into different chapters. This DVD groups together historical and musicological analyses, musical performance-practises, studies related to instrument-making, various scores, interviews and concerts. The DVD also features the participation of Stefano Montanari, a violin virtuoso who has conducted numerous operas at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice and at the Opera in Lyon; he is a renowned baroque violin expert. Augustin BONDOUX

Artikelnr.: FA4025
Datum: 1 februari 2014
Formaat: DVD Video
Genre: World
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