Le Voyage De Django

Dominque Cravic & Friends - Le Voyage De Django

From the waltzes of the rue de Lappe to the songs of Jean Sablon, and from Swing on BBC Radio to Bop in the cellars of Saint-Germain, Dominique Cravic and his troupe take us back following the colourful itinerary of Django. Produced with consummate skill for the Japanese label Respect Record, this album joins the distinguished discography of the band affectionately known as “Primduf” [Primitifs du Futur], here with (thankfully almost) all its members. On this record, Dominic Cravic, historiographer and poet, provides a portrait of the musical universe which formed a rainbow for the “six-string Messiah” during his short stay on Earth. His score charts the ocean of dreams along whose coasts Django’s gypsy-caravan sailed, anchoring in waltzes, tangos, jazz and the sad songs of Brazil_ Yes, it’s a concept-album but, apart from its homage to the great guitarist’s work, its concerns are the poetic genius and universal language of the Master and his music. A. BONDOUX & P. FREMEAUX

Artikelnr.: FA8506
Datum: 1 oktober 2014
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
EAN-code: 3448960850629