Les Indiens D’amerique 1960-1961

Les Indiens D'amerique 1960-1961 - Les Indiens D’amerique 1960-1961

Symbol of a dedication to uphold their culture and resist the expanding hegemony of Western settlers, Native American songs have acquired a mythical aura, branded in our collective imagination by the movie industry. They are the tribal expression and intangible heritage of the First Peoples in American history. Healing rituals, praises of the warrior’s bravery, celebrations of spirits or stars, they are living proof that singing is a collective act of sharing. This set offers an anthropological perspective on the diversity of Native American great cultures, Cheyennes, Poncas, Sioux, Apaches, Utes or Crows_ presented with historical recordings dating from before the contemporary accultu ration process and an extensive ethnological booklet. This anthology, sound illustration of the Parisian exhibit Les Indiens des Plaines presented by the MusEe du Quai Branly, takes the auditor to the most authentic and fascinating cultures in North America. Lola CAUL-FUTY FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 mei 2014
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