L’integrale La Compagnie Creole 1982-1990 (4cd)

La Compagnie Creole - L’integrale La Compagnie Creole 1982-1990 (4cd)

“As Daniel Ichbiah points out, writing and singing those refrains that people hum and cannot get out of their heads is an art in itself, a popular, universal and eternal art. Hence it deserves a place in the FrEmeaux & AssociEs catalogue. A catalogue which covers the recording history of the 20th Century cannot exclude so-called pop music on the pretext that it sold by the million, remained for 32 weeks in theTop 50 and enjoyed truly popular success! These six albums retrace the story of a popular and light-hearted music that has become a permanent part of our collective memory.” Patrick FrEmeaux, Jean Kluger et Daniel Vangarde

Artikelnr.: FA5254
Datum: 1 juni 2009
Formaat: Compact Disc
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