Liquider 68 ?

“This 2CD boxset delivers the recording of a Forum organized by one of the major newspaper in France: LibEration, with the objective of letting two major characters of the subject treated discuss in public. This discussion between Daniel Cohn-Bendit (leader of the student protesters during the May 1968 and currently co-president of the group European Greens-European Free Alliance in the European Parliament) and Georges-Marc Benamou (one of the main members of Nicolas Sarkozy’s staff as Advisors to the Presidency) was focused on the subject: “Liquider 68 ?” (Liquidate 1968 ?). In French.” Patrick FrEmeaux

Artikelnr.: FA5203
Datum: 1 maart 2008
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: WORD
EAN-code: 3561302520322