Live In Paris – 1957-1960

Dario Moreno - Live In Paris – 1957-1960

Who but Dario Moreno could have suc ceeded so well in France by incarnating the Golden Age of operetta and Latin rhythms? He had Turkish and Mexican origins, and he was an artist of delicate sincerity _ as well as being a wonderful showman, with an unrivalled sense of humour that made everyone love him. The songs he left us have come down through the ages to form part of our national heritage. This album brings together some of the singer’s greatest moments in concert between 1957 and 1960, when he was at the peak of his fame. Patrick FREMEAUX The Live in Paris collection by Michel BrilliE allows listeners to hear previously-unreleased recordings (made at concerts and private- or radio-sessions) by the great 20th stars in jazz, rock & roll and song. These “live” takes, and the artists’ rapport with their audiences, gives these performances an additional soul and sensibility in counterpoint to the rigorous demands of studio recordings. Particular care was taken when restoring the sound of these tapes in order to meet CD standards while preserving the original colours of the period. Patrick FREMEAUX & Gilles PETARD

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