Musiques Rurales D’amerique Latine (argentine, Bresil,

Various - Musiques Rurales D’amerique Latine (argentine, Bresil,

The rural music of Latin America reflects the continent’s mental geography in showing how far Creole cultures have evolved and matured. The gap between the cities and rural areas didn’t widen until the early 19th century, mostly because of the slow diffusion, from urban centres to the interior, of new ideas and fashions influenced by Europe. These recordings made between 1930 and 1960 _ by the Cubans Don Azpiazu, Gonzalo Roig and the Septeto Nacional, the Argentineans Atahualpa Yupanqui, Los Morochucos and Los Chalchaleros, the Venezuelan Los Torrealberos, and Brazilians like Luiz Gonzaga or Jackson do Pandeiro _ measure the pulse of the rural popular music that remained very much alive despite the appearance of urban genres like the choro, samba, tango and mambo. Philippe LESAGE ET Teca CALAZANS

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