Native Americans Music And Songs – Maya, Totonac And Co

Totonaques Musiques Et Chants Des Amerindiens - Peuples Maya - Native Americans Music And Songs – Maya, Totonac And Co

“In the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, FranCois Jouffa and Serge Roterman undertook several expeditions in Latin America, first in Mexico, with the aim of recording popular and religious musics. They had felt there was an urgent need as the Amerindians were already in a process of both miscegenation and acculturation. This disc therefore contains a precious document: the last plaints of the Lacandones, at that time the last pure Maya tribe of the Chiapas selva, on the borders of Mexico and Guatemala. The art of music thus captured shows a collective, functional and also esoteric and sacred character that the booklet of 24 pages brings forth. Forty years later, these recordings that are exceptionally well preserved, attest the existence of living tradition, an immaterial heritage orally transmitted for centuries and whose principal representatives have now disappeared. These musics by the Amerindians of Mexico constitute an immersion into a dreamlike world, out of time and of space, in which resonate the echoes of ancient legends.” Benjamin Goldenstein & Patrick FrEmeaux

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Datum: 1 juni 2009
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