Paris Budapest Caravane

Latcho Drom - Parno Graszt - Etno Rom - Paris Budapest Caravane

This is where gypsy swing and the jazz virtuosity of Latcho Drom led by Christophe Lartilleux meet the festive energy of Eastern Europe’s traditional music. It’s a reunion between distant cousins whose music defi nitely comes from the same roots, while following different paths. An album at the frontier of jazz and World music. Augustin BONDOUX”Paris Budapest Caravane marks the meeting of three music groups who are the best exponents of their respective musical aesthetics. To each his own style, but they come together here: Latcho Drom from France are representatives of swing and gypsy jazz; and the Hungarian ensembles Parno Graszt and Etno Rom are respectively the keepers of the Tziganes’ Olàh music tradition, and Rom music from Eastern Europe. In the context of the Orange Bleue artistic project in Vitry-le-FranCois committed to the contemporary music scene, I invited them for a residency in order to produce this creation; its musical outcome was so successful that it has led to an international tour and the recording of this album.” Robi JARASI – L’ORANGE BLEUE

Artikelnr.: FA595
Datum: 1 oktober 2013
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
EAN-code: 3448960259521